Gallery Doctor

The quickest solution to freeing up valuable storage on your phone by automatically identifying unwanted photos

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Identify unwanted photos

Gallery Doctor is the only app that automatically identifies photos with bad lighting, blurry shots, similar photos, and even photos that we think you may find boring.

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Review the photos you want to keep

Photos that Gallery Doctor isn’t sure about he’ll leave for you to review. Swipe left to trash, right to keep.

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Free up valuable storage

Clean your unwanted photos and free up valuable device storage.

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bad photos

Similar photos

We sometimes take 10 photos of the same thing, but we only want to keep one. Gallery Doctor automatically identifies all of your similar photos. It even intelligently points out the best photo from each group, all to make your life more decision-free.

bad photos

Bad photos

Some of our photos are just plain bad. Automatically identify all of your photos that are blurry, shots with bad lighting, or even those photos that you really don’t care about. That accidental pocket-selfie? We were thinking about that too.

review photos

Photos for review

Photos that the doctor isn’t sure about he’ll leave for you to review - swipe right to keep, left to trash. Gallery Doctor gets smarter based on your decisions - it learns which photos you don’t like and gets better over time.

Understanding your photos

Gallery Doctor uses MyRoll’s Gallery Curation Engine (GCE) and leverages the engine’s computer vision to understand what makes an unwanted photo. We analyze photo quality signals such as sharpness, color, and lighting to correctly identify unwanted photos.

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Gallery Doctor was engineered by the same folks that brought you MyRoll.

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